SPD Holds Coffee with a Cop at River Park Square on 10/22

The Spokane Police Department will hold our next Coffee with a Cop event, in partnership with River Park Square, on Wednesday October 22nd, from 12:00 pm to 2:00 pm, in the River Park Square Atrium (in the main entrance area on the first floor of River Park Square). 

Members of the community are invited to attend this event to engage with the Spokane Police Chief and Assistant Chiefs, the Captain of SPD’s Downtown Precinct, and officers from SPD’s Downtown Precinct.

Free coffee will be provided, courtesy of River Park Square.

About Coffee with a Cop: In February, the Spokane Police Department initiated a new community engagement program called Coffee with a Cop. The Coffee with a Cop program is nationally recognized, has been implemented in hundreds of other U.S. cities, and provides a unique opportunity for community members to talk with officers and Spokane Police leadership.

Coffee with a Cop is an event where police and community members come together in an informal, neutral space to discuss community issues, build relationships and drink coffee. It is a national initiative supported by the U.S. Department of Justice, Office of Community Oriented Policing Services, and has been implemented in over 175 cities and towns in 36 states across the country.

The goal of the program is to increase community trust, police legitimacy and partnership building. Coffee with a Cop removes the physical barriers and crisis situations that routinely define interactions between law enforcement officials and community members. Instead it allows for relaxed, informal one-on-one interactions in a friendly atmosphere. This informal contact increases trust in police officers as individuals which is foundation to building partnerships and engaging in community problem solving. The program aims to advance the practice of Community Policing through improving relationships between police officers and the community, one cup at a time.

Special thanks to River Park Square for partnering with SPD to host this community event and provide free coffee for participants.

The Spokane Police Department is asking for the public’s help finding a missing 10-year-old Eddy Ruiz. It was reported that he left the house, near Sanson/Regal, around 8:00am after an argument with a family member. He’s described as a Hispanic male, shaved eyebrows, wearing a blue Gonzaga sweatshirt and jeans. He also has a knee injury that may need medical attention. Please see the attached photo. Anyone who sees Eddy is asked to call 911.

The Spokane Police Department is asking for the public’s help finding a missing 10-year-old Eddy Ruiz. It was reported that he left the house, near Sanson/Regal, around 8:00am after an argument with a family member. He’s described as a Hispanic male, shaved eyebrows, wearing a blue Gonzaga sweatshirt and jeans. He also has a knee injury that may need medical attention. Please see the attached photo. Anyone who sees Eddy is asked to call 911.

Warrant Issued for Howard Johnson Motel Homicide Suspect

Spokane Police Major Crimes detectives have an active warrant to arrest Enrique Pena (23) for 1st Degree Murder in connection to the homicide that occurred at the Howard Johnson Motel on 8/10/2014. 

Attached is a photo of Pena.  Detectives have information Pena may have left the area. Anyone with information on his whereabouts is asked to call 911.

Spokane Police Department Random Act of Kindness

RANDOM ACT OF KINDNESS: There is a young man who is homeless and is often in the downtown area. He relies on a wheelchair and sadly, his wheelchair broke, forcing him to rely on a walker. Unfortunately, the walker also broke, leaving the young man without a way to get around. Spokane Police Lt. Matt Cowles found a wheelchair in good shape at a second hand store, purchased it with his own money, and gave it to the young man. “Like” to share this wonderful random act of kindness!

Spokane Police Investigate Apparent Accidental Shooting

Spokane Police respond to and investigate what is believed to be an accidental shooting.  The incident occurred late this afternoon in North Spokane.  The teenage victim has been transported to the hospital with a potentially life-threatening injury.  The individual believed to be the shooter (also a teenager) has been identified and is in contact with police.  The investigation is on-going.

Today, 10/5/2014, at approximately 2:45 pm, Spokane Police received a report of a shooting in the 1700 block of E. Vanetta.  Officers responded to the scene approximately 3 minutes after the initial call and located a male with a gunshot wound to the chest.  Ofc. Shane Phillips immediately rendered aid to the teenage victim.  The teen was transported to a local hospital with a potentially life-threatening injury. 

Responding officers quickly located and contacted the individual who is believed to have shot the victim, also a teenage male.

Although the investigation is on-going, officers believe the shooting was accidental.  Initial information indicates the teens were playing with a gun and believed the chamber of the gun was empty.

Spokane Police Investigate Report of Bomb on GU Campus

Spokane Police investigate the report of a bomb on the Gonzaga University campus; No bomb was located and anyone with information on this incident is asked to call Crime Check at 456-2233.

This morning, 9/25/14, just before 7:00 am, Spokane Police received a call from a male stating there was a bomb on the Gonzaga University campus. The report did not specify a location of the bomb and the call came from an off-campus location. Spokane Police officers and the SPD Explosive Disposal Unit (EDU) responded to Gonzaga with Gonzaga campus security to search the campus and keep individuals in the surrounding area safe.

Washington State RCW 9.61.160 states: “It is unlawful for any person to threaten to bomb or otherwise injure any public or private school building knowing such information to be false and with intent to alarm people. A violation of this section is a class B felony punishable by a maximum of 10 years in prison and/or a $25,000 fine.”

The Spokane Police Department takes threats of this nature very seriously and will continue investigation into the incident. Anyone with information about this incident is asked to call Crime Check at 509-456-2233.

Please see Gonzaga’s statement to the public regarding the incident below.

Peter Tormey, News Service Editor
September 25, 2014
For a directory of Gonzaga news releases see:
Gonzaga University News Service


SPOKANE, Washington – Gonzaga University campus buildings were cleared as safe for re-entry and use at approximately 10 a.m. this morning following a non-specific bomb threat called in to the Spokane Police Department from an off-campus phone.

Gonzaga worked closely with Spokane Police Department and its Explosives Disposal Unit in response to the threat. Gonzaga Security conducted a thorough search of all facilities and nothing suspicious was found. GU continues to work with Spokane Police Department on its investigation of the threat.

The University is now open and scheduled classes have resumed, except for the Law School, which is closed today with classes there resuming tomorrow.

Gonzaga University President Thayne McCulloh expressed his gratitude that no one was harmed during this incident.

SPD Safely Resolves Hours-Long Standoff with DV Suspect Armed with Knives

Spokane Police officers safely arrest Domestic Violence suspect Adam L. Frantz (29) after an hours-long standoff. The incident started this afternoon when officers from SPD’s Domestic Violence (DV) Unit contacted Frantz to arrest him for several felony Domestic Violence offenses.  Frantz opened the door of the residence armed with a knife and refused to exit.  SPD officers from the Hostage Negotiation Team (HNT), Emergency Response Unit (ERU), and Patrol responded to the location and Frantz (who at one point armed himself with three knives) was taken safely into custody.  

Today, 9/24/14, at approximately 1:00 pm, officers from the Spokane Police Domestic Violence (DV) Unit went to a home in the 5200 block of N. Belt to arrest Adam L. Frantz (29).  Officers had probable cause to arrest Frantz, for multiple Domestic Violence offenses.

When officers contacted Frantz, he opened the door armed with a knife, refused to come out of the residence peacefully, indicated he was suicidal, and referenced “suicide by cop”.  The SPD’s Emergency Response Unit (ERU) and Hostage Negotiators responded to the scene.  SPD officers negotiated with Frantz for hours, ensuring he remained in the home and did not pose a threat to the surrounding neighborhood. At one point, Frantz armed himself with three knives. N. Belt between Everett and Crown was closed as negotiators worked to bring safe resolution to the situation. Traffic was re-routed around the scene to protect the safety of the surrounding community.

At approximately 7:45 pm, officers entered the residence (with a search warrant) and safely took Frantz into custody.  He was arrested for Felony Violation of a Domestic Violence Protection Order (X2), Unlawful Imprisonment, and Felony Harassment (DV).  Additional charges are anticipated.

Frantz has an extensive criminal history with nine felony convictions including 3rd Degree Assault (X3), 1st Degree Theft, 1st Degree Trafficking in Stolen Property, and 2nd Degree Burglary.  Additionally, he has 12 Gross Misdemeanor convictions.

The Spokane Police Department’s safe apprehension of an individual with multiple, violent felony convictions demonstrates the commitment of officers to keep our community safe and bring peaceful resolution to a potentially very dangerous situation.

Spokane Police Department Continues Collaborative Reform Process with U.S. Department of Justice COPS Office

The Spokane Police Department continues to engage in the Collaborative Reform process with the U.S. Department of Justice Office of Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS).  The COPS team is currently in Spokane on a week-long site visit.

While in Spokane, the COPS team is observing Spokane Police Department operations.  The COPS team is attending in-service training sessions, participating in ride-a-longs, and meeting with officers.  The team is also meeting with community leaders and gathering additional data during this visit.  All of these activities will help inform their report and recommendations.  The COPS team will conduct an additional site visit in November.

In previous visits to Spokane, representatives from the COPS Office met with Mayor Condon, U.S. Attorney Ormsby, and the Spokane Police Department’s leadership team to discuss the progress of the project and their initial findings.

The COPS Office plans to release findings and recommendations for the Spokane Police Department in December 2014.

SPD SVU Detectives Arrest Suspect Hours After Rape was Reported

Spokane Police Special Victims Unit (SVU) detectives have arrested a suspect in connection to a rape, reported earlier this week.  Paul T. Thornton (34) was arrested and booked into the Spokane County Jail on a charge of 2nd Degree Rape.  With the assistance of the victim in providing an excellent suspect description, as well as diligent investigative follow up, SVU detectives were able to bring the suspect in a stranger-to-stranger rape (Thornton) into custody within hours of the rape report.


On Thursday, 9-18-14, at approximately 2:30 am, Spokane Police received a report that a rape victim had come to a local hospital for treatment.  Officers as well as SVU detectives responded to the hospital to assist the victim and obtain information on the incident.

The victim reported that she had been raped the night before (Wednesday) by an individual she had met earlier that evening.  She reported that she was on the front porch of a north Spokane home when the suspect, Paul T. Thornton, approached the home, started talking with her and then grabbed her, pulled her into a nearby abandoned garage, and sexually assaulted her.

SPD Patrol officers quickly located a crime scene associated with the incident (an abandoned garage where the assault took place) in the 6200 block of N. Astor.  The scene was processed for evidence.

The victim was able to provide an excellent suspect description.  From the description, as well as other information and evidence regarding the incident, detectives were able to quickly identify a suspect, Paul T. Thornton.

Thornton was located yesterday afternoon, Thursday 9/18/14, in the area of Division and Joseph.  He was taken into custody without incident and booked into the Spokane County Jail for 2nd Degree Rape.

The thorough investigation and quick arrest in this incident demonstrates the Spokane Police Department and the detectives of the SVU will not tolerate criminal activity, including sexual violence, and those who commit these offenses will be quickly located and apprehended.

Teen Assault Video Did NOT Occur in Spokane

The video posted on YouTube, showing an assault between two teens with information the incident occurred in Spokane, DID NOT happen in our community.  The incident occurred in Lockport, New York and the two instigators of the assault have been charged.

This video was posted on the internet, alleging that the incident occurred in Spokane, without any verification from law enforcement.  This, in turn, caused undue community concern that this incident occurred in Spokane, when it did not. 

Assaults such as this will not be tolerated in our community.  If you come across a video such as this, with allegations that the incident occurred in our community in the future, immediately report it to Crime Check or 911 so that local law enforcement can follow up and investigate.

Thank you to those who brought this video to our attention without re-posting it on the internet, so that we could investigate and determine this did NOT occur in our community.